Easy DSP programming

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EVM-2181, Analog Devices' Digital Signal Processors development system delivers great capabilities of creating DSP applications. High performance ADSP2181, and high quality audio converters with Windows-based host program start a new era in DSP software development

ADSP-2181 is one of the finest Analog Devices fixed-point DSPs:

On-board 16-bit sigma-delta stereo converters provide clean and undistorted gateway to the world of analog audio. Simple, yet effective clip indicator eases input level adjustment. Sampling frequency can be selected with a switch, or may be delivered from external source. Also included low noise mic preamp and headphone driver with volume control pot.


Windows-based host program has very usefull features for fast and effective DSP software development:

Use of printer port for communicating with PC makes transfer of even large memory blocks as fast as it should be. Memory can be viewed as a bunch of numbers or nice graph presenting for example sampled waveform. Registers can be viewed & altered in customizable windows allowing the user to actually type-in wanted register names. Developed DSP program can be executed at full speed with breakpoint, single-stepped, or animated at user-defined time periods. To get hands-on-a-product, please feel free to download a demo version of host software (runs without the board). It includes Windows executable file and preliminary help file.
Download demo2181.zip now 61K, last updated 12-22-98

ADSP-2181 is no longer available, so what you see here is the last one unit available on earth. If I ever find the time and pleasure of doing it, I migh redesign it for ADSP-2186, or newer family members

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