Here are some links to sites I liked the most when surfing the net. If you want your page linked here, or notice a broken link, please mail me.


Synth pioneer, Raymond Scott
Scott Stites Synth DIY pages
Electronic Peasant
Motohiko Takeda homepage
modular and other stuff by Jorg Schmitz
Julian Bunn homepage
Elby Designs, cool analog and digital stuff by Laurie Biddulph
Magnus Danielson
DIY books by Magnus Danielson
Physical modeling and other synths by Ian Fritz
Yusynth DIY projects
565 knobs, 111 sliders, 869 sockets, 27 VCOs: who needs more? by Ruediger Lorenz
Mikado - the ultimate analog sequencer
Marc Bareille homepage
A sort of synth DIYer's association
Real pipe DIY organ and more by Frank
cool ideas & good looking modular by Ken Stone
Blacet Research
Tom Gamble - Electronic for Music
DSP synth projects
Bergfotron - excellent modular by Jörgen Bergfors
Mini Synth Modules, walsh functions, other theory by Neil E. Johnson
Tonny Allgood - Oakley Sound
Jim Patchell - great DIYer, lots of good stuff
René Schmitz - great DIYer's site
Dave's Hot Rod MOTM Shop by Dave Bradley
Osamu Hoshuyama - DIYer from Japan
Jürgen Haible legacy
Audio Scientific - links on audio stuff
Niklas Rönnberg
Music From Outer Space by Ray Wilson
theremins by Arthur Harrison
links about everything
playable harpsichord made of Lego
wacky controllers for instruments
big MOTM and other quality modules
Takahito Abe - Japanese DIYer
Build your own laser harp
Laser harp - Andrew Kilpatrick
HAM radio schematics
cool stuff for ADSP and EZ-KIT
big MOTM, customized Blacet, other stuff
Gyraf Audio, good audio DIY
TR606 mods
bunch of interesting audio projects
Andy Wilson homepage
Analog Monster - Carsten Toensmann website
Guitarfool website, DIY and ARP info - Jeff Brown
Seb's Synth-DIY Pages - DIY and mods info
Mystery Circuits by Mike Walters
advanced uC synth projects by Eric Brombaugh
Tauntek - products & design services for the electronics hobbyist or professional


the finest 303 clone I've seen
E-mu modular page
all about Wavemakers synths
Museum of the Soviet Synths"
Analogic ACS, an awesome sequencer
all about Aries by Robert Leiner
lovely big modular by Peter Grenader
Cyndustries - high quality modules
TR909 tribute site
PPG info by Hermann Seib
Synthfool by Kevin Lightner
great synth (minimoog clone w/MIDI), top quality
factory patches for download
The Synthesizer Picture Archive
all about Theremin
Roland JX10 info etc.
Mark Glinsky - manuals for sale
The Audities Foundation - rare synth pics
moog endless broadcast and gear pics
All about Yamaha CS80 by Scott Rider
effect schematics
MS10 description
The Guitar Effects Oriented Web Page
The Vintage Keys Webring
All about Juno 106 by Edy Hinzen
Elector Vocoder
The Audio Playground Synthesizer Museum
huge collection of synths
Moog Archives
ARP technical information by Joachim Verghese
great resource of synth manuals by Tony Clark
Technosaurus modular
links to Yamaha products
C64 SID in PC card
nice collection of info about combo organs
Soundblaster Live! site
pro audio (recording) links
lots of detailed info about various synths
speaking machines from 18th century
Theatre organs
Buchla technical information by Magnus Danielson
Russian vintage synths
Acxel Resynthesizer
Curetronic - German modular manufacturer
Electric Music Box - everything about Buchla 200
pipe organ history
Casio keyboards info and manuals


Good knowledge resource about soldering
huge collection of datasheets
355000 datasheets
tubes datasheets by Tom Jennings
IC Master - info about ICs
All about Z80 CPU by Thomas Scherrer
All about capacitors
capacitors behaviour in audio circuits
tubes datasheets
detailed info on interfacing PCs
all you need to know about capacitors"
every circuit eventually ends its life - electronic recycling


excellent MIDI-2-CV and other MIDI devices by Marc Bareille
All kinds of MIDI kits by Tom Scarff
all about MIDI
lots of reading about MIDI for begginers and more
MIDI controllers for everyone - excellent by Thorsten Klose
Midi stuff on PIC and Basicstamp
MIDI tutorials
firmware for various PIC MIDI devices by Spider Room Labs
MIDI to anything interfaces
detailed MIDI description
Powerful MIDI software for DOS
short explanation of all MIDI messages
MIDI file format description
cool MIDI projects by Bob Lang
MIDI encoders for keyboards and pots - my commercial products
tiny MIDI2CV converter - another commercial product of mine


vocoder for Windows
digital filter design software
GPL Electronic Design Automation
note score reading software
CAD/CAE software (demo/free)
AVR C compiler
tracert on steroids
Every file format description
pocket linux
free graphics software
world's greatest all-purpose MIDI Utility
DOS programs


cheap synth panel engaving service by Steve Thomas
Machinist's Workshop
affordable CNC machines
top quality PCB assembly
make your own colour stickers
labels and frontpanels
Cliff - knobs manufacturer
Davies Molding - knob manufacturer
Input device links (touchscreens, eye movement etc.) by Bill Buxton
PCB maker
Fairchild Semiconductor
Hammond & Leslie service company
PCB-POOL: PCB manufacturing and free software
Schaeffer Apparatebau - panels
affordable PCB fab in Bulgaria
Sifam - knobs manufacturer
PCB maker
membrane potentiometers etc.
the best mechanical tool source


state variable filter
course in semiconductors
Shannon's theorem of communications
Sound and Vision Engineering Department at Technical University of Gdansk, Poland
html vocabulary
Piano tuning procedure by Jim Campbell
Reflecting on Echoes and the Cepstrum
expo & tempcos tutorial by René Schmitz
Analog synth emulation - whitepapers by Tim Stilson
Filter design theory/manual
Perlin - a better kind of noise
pink noise filters in DSP by Robin Whittle
chaos generation
capacitor's absorption/soakage
Walsh functions


Polish streaming radio with electronic music only
Isao Tomita
No Signal Detected
early electronic music
Suzanne Ciani
Morton Subotnick
Barbara Zielinska-Van
Anthares - Jacek Wisniewski


learn Polish language!
soldering various metals
Vintage Radio Receivers
plate reverb construction article"
affordable strong magnets in large variety
time standard service

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