Here's couple of pictures of my lovley son born in spring 2004

hi! I'm just a couple of months old and I like to make silly faces! I like to smile very much because my folks love me so much
Did I say I like to smile? I'm helping daddy to connect this prototype circuit
That's Formant modular! So many knobs to tweak! Hmmm... there's something wrong with this Polysix
Now it plays OK Look! I can play with both hands!
This cable doesn't fit here! I've never seen brown leaves before. They're so cool
I'm so cute, don't you think? I'm so fast on the keyboard you cannot see my fingers
Look dad, I've found the problem with this keybard You're talking to me?
hmmm... yummy! always put your pretective glasses before job
I perfectly fit between the wires my second fall
too much work on PC can mae you sleep I can fix that!
obligatory picture on the leaves that's MY seat!
my first notebook what a perfect sound it is...
don't disturb me, I'm fixing it Ain't I a cuter, huh?
putting LEDs on a PCB yeah, another year older, what did you expect...
such a big machine an I'm driving it just look at me...
having a snack in a winter scene I like to dress up
that's better than LEGO yet another cource of parts
I love to slide me and my beloved McQueen
that's not the most stipid face I can do cute smile
the time has come again... Wall-e, my next big thing after Cars
my dad forced me to learn this stuff me and my skate board