What's new/history

August 17, 2021
a little cleanup done on various schematics page
November 28, 2017
added added AS3340 VCO-chip test review
December 2, 2013
added sample of dual VCF
November 24, 2013
moog modular restoration page added
June 15, 2009
kid's pictures updated
July 12, 2008
added page - new module: MIDI2CV
few comments added here and there in modular section
February 24, 2008
my kid's pictures updated
December 25, 2007
modular in action video added in samples section
May 15, 2007
keyboard has gained MIDI circuitry, see the pic
May 9, 2006
power supply finally mounted in the case, see the pic
March 15, 2006
updated MIDI boards pages
November 26, 2005
added new model of MIDI controllers
updated MIDI boards pages
July 11, 2005
updated MIDI boards pages
January 8, 2005
added my son's page
October 9, 2004
change of file directory tree and cosmetic changes to some of the pages
May 31, June 6, September 10, 2004
updated multiple keyboard MIDI controller
May 25, 2004
added page: CV keyboard for modular
updated power supply page with schematic and some pics
May 21, 2004
added page: power supply for modular
added preliminary page about new model of MIDI keyboard controller
April 12, 2004
removed synth gallery page
March 2, 2004
MIDI devices page cleanup
New 3-octaves MIDI controller
October 22, 2003
added my wedding pictures not available anymore
August 1, 2003
added preliminary MIDI sequencer page
July 26, 2003
new pictures of synthesizer modules
added preliminary Sample&Hold page
July 3, 2003
added Multi-pulse modulator
February 10, 2003
added dual VCA schematics in modular section
January 25, 2003
added mysterious synth pictures at synth galery page not available anymore
January 14, 2003
moved from Multimania to synth.net
January 3, 2003
Updated synth galery page - added Yamaha CS15 not available anymore
November 19, 2002
Updated mixer page - added schematics
Updated MIDI keyboard page - added PCB file and firmware
October 12, 2002
Updated sequencer page - added final panel pic
Added Church Organ MIDI controller
May 13, 2002
Updated sequencer page - module almost ready
April 19, 2002
Added Roland 100M pictures in synthesizers gallery not available anymore
March 21, 2002
Added links page
March 19, 2002
Cleanup of polysynth pages
March 14, 2002
Little rearrangement after move from Multimania to Lycos
February 11, 2002
Preliminary Sequencer page
January 23, 2002
Added schematics for VCF, RingModulator and Divider in modular section
December 21, 2001
Modular synth sound samples
October 23, 2001
Added synthesizers photo gallery not available anymore
Updated mini MIDI page
September 12, 2001
New page about modules
September 4, 2001
Added new version of small MIDI keyboard
July 20, 2000
Added vcf module
Added ADDSR panel pictures
July 6, 2000
Oops! Long time no update. Little rearrangement of pages
July 26, 1999
Finally! Quad VCO module
June 28, 1999
Front page cleanup and size reduction
May 13, 1999
Started Simple mini MIDI keyboard stuff
April 19, 1999
Polysynth keyboard scanner schematic 24K
Joined the synth-diy webring (not in it now)
Started hosting DIY-PCB page about synth-diy community project (removed now)