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Modular MIDI to Control Voltage converter (MIDI2CV)
quad VCO
dual VCF
dual VCA
power supply
MIDI2CV front
see it from the back
and closeup of the PCB

This is simple MIDI2CV converter turning this modular into note-playing musical instrument. It has 2 pairs of CV + GATE outputs, that can be programmed into almost any kind of MIDI event. V/oct is also programmable in a wide range.
What you see in the picture is simple panel to hold the board and jacks. I just didn't care this time for the look of the module. Just wanted it to play. First tries were made on bare PCB hanging on wires in front of modular and that was real ugly.

Panel from the top
the RED button
assigns MIDI channel and message type (notes, CC, etc.) into out 1 or 2. It also enters into V/oct scale calibration mode
DIN 5 socket:
MIDI IN, what else...
GATE2 jack:
Gate output of 2nd channel. +12V gate signal if 2nd channel is assigned as notes
GATE1 jack:
Gate output of 1st channel. +12V gate signal if 1st channel is assigned as notes
CV2 jack:
Control Voltage output of 2nd channel. 0-5V range
CV1 jack:
Control Voltage output of 1st channel. 0-5V range

V/oct accuracy:
about 2 cents in entire range, except lowest and highest note in 61-note keyboard.
response time:
output is updated 0.3ms from the end of velocity byte
V/oct scale:
adjustable in range 0.3-2 V/oct
possible MIDI events:
notes, pitcbend, Control Change, Program Change, Aftertouch


The panel is made of 2mm thick aluminium L-shape of the profile size 20x30mm. Bare surface, prepared by the people supplying home-improvement supermarkets. The module contains the button, 4 jacks and tiny MIDI2CV module called "MIDI implant", available at www.midimplant.com. Well, anyway, I'm the guy who makes them, so I kinda bought it from myself ;)

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