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moog modular System 55 restoration
This is small collection of pictures made during restoration project of Moog Modular System 55 which was a pleasure to conduct in begining of year 2012. This was very difficult time because of massive amount of work in other areas and very limited time to do the moog work but after almost 2 years I recall that period as very interesting, inspiring, and worth mentioning. So I finally put those pictures here. If there's interest in moog synth porn I may put more, but I didn't want to bore you with over 300 pictures.

click the picture for higher resolution and some comments

arrived! different angle back side keyboard plug ugly cheeks 

panel removed modules out 921A 921B 911 

911A 903A rotary switch 921B again THE low pass 

depanelized and from the back before/after 914 stripped case 

ugly varnish like new! and again keyboard dries nice cheek 

messy what's left and even less power supply fillng back in 

looks like moog PS completed almost full it makes sound! new patchcords 

before / after again and again finished! better angle 

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